What Players Need to Know About Poker

If you think you have better knowledge of Poker, then you have to know also about the facts of this card game because it is not only about technique.

If you think you know all about card games, then you can mention the stories and facts you know as the player. You might not care about stories behind Poker since it has no relation at all with your game. However, since you play this game and you choose this card game as your media to gain more advantages. At least, you need to know the stories behind so you can appreciate this game even more.

The Interesting Story About Poker

You know now if Poker is mostly played through online system. This online system inspired scientists to develop Claudico. This is the artificial intelligence in the form of computer program and inside it, there is the 16TB of Ram and surprisingly, Claudico won the Texas Holdem championship among computer players too. However, technology has weakness also and Claudico is defeated not by computer players but human players in a team.

It makes you think that technology can be defeated too by skill of human players. Another fact you need to know is the term “Black Friday”. If you are a card game player, you need to know about this term and it refers to the date on August 15, 2011. It was when DoJ has seized its domain of the 3 greatest online sites and it was shutting down the online game in US.

What you need to know about Poker is not only that and you can search for more information so you can realize how this impacts the game nowadays.